Why Hijama?
Why Hijama? It's a Sunnah.... Hijama is a healing therapy practiced and encouraged by our Prophet (peace be upon him). It has immense benefits.
Free Health Screening
We ensure the maximum level of safety by ensuring all clients are screened & assessed before treatment minimising risks and maximising treatment outcomes.
Hygienic, Sanitation
We offer Hijama in a Safe, Clean Clinical environment using single use equipment to eliminate the risk of infection or cross contamination.
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Experienced, Safe, Hygenic. Just the way it’s supposed to be. Fully qualified for your peace of mind..

De-Tox Your Body

Hijama, cupping therapy is the best remedy for various illnesses. It detoxifies the blood & improves its circulation

Fully Qualified

Demonstrated a level of competency in the practice of Clinical Hijama therapy by completing the HNA accredited Diploma.

First Aid

We offer Hijama in a Safe, Clean Clinical environment using single-use equipment to eliminate the risk of infection or cross contamination


“I have visited many Raaqis over the years and was concluded through my own faults and sins that treatments would have no effect except and of course with the permission of Allah.I am grateful for being introduced to Br.Ehsan and his team by a friend and realized not all Raaqis are the same.The dedication, compassion and non-judgemental services provided are outstanding. Even though not fully recovered, I have received the best ongoing support and educational tools to deal with my spiritual/mental health issues. I thank Allah SWT for selecting this group for the betterment of the Ummah”. Highly recommended.


“It’s been a great healing for me, it’s really night and days difference, it’s great relief and I feel better than I have in many many years.  I’m glad I found you, thank you.I just want to say you have been such a blessing I feel great, it’s good to know the real story.  Bless you and thank you so much for your much-needed service


General Hijama
Head Hijama
Deep Cleanse - 8 points
Organ Cleanse - 6 points
Full Body Detox
Lymphatic Drainage
Facial Cupping
Gland Cleanse - 7 points
Pain Relief
It Removes Toxins
Purifies the blood
Removes dead blood cells
Stimulates lymphatic system
Promotes general good health
Facilitation of increased blood flow

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    hijamaFebruary 9
    Salam sorry for the delayed reply. According to the Prophet Muhammed SAW a person should get Hijama done twice in a year for maintenance purposes. However, if some one is sick then it can be done many times to treat the ailment
    RashidJuly 29
    Tried it and got Excellent result, treatment is superb, no pain nothing, you don't even feel anything, good results, total Rukya, Br. Ehsan is an expert person and a nice religious support a great religious helping hand, believe and go for it
    Habiba ElmadariJune 6
    How many times a year should a person have hujamah done

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