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About Us

Br Ehsan Co-Founder & President of Holistic Hijama Benefits. Certified Hijama Therapist & a Licensed Practitioner. He is an accountant by profession had been working as a Financial Controller for one of the leading multi-national freight forwarding company in Canada. He has previously worked as a general manager at ISNA Canada and the Islamic Cooperative Housing Corporation.

All his youth Brother Ehsan was involved with Dawa & Tableigh Alamdulilah due to that he had a passion to help others. Br. Ehsan got involved with Ruqya when several of his family members were afflicted with sihr (black magic) and jinn possession that had catastrophic impacts on their lives. He had extensive training with Ben Halima Group in 2013 and ever since he is been promoting Ruqya. Alhamdulillah he along with his 4 member ruqya team have treated over 3,300 clients afflicted with seher, evil eye, and jinn possession. He has successfully launched over 45 Ruqya campaigns in North America, UAE & Pakistan treating over 650 people outside Canada. He has trained many brothers and sisters who are serving our brother & sisters in different parts of the world.

Dealing with Ruqya involved Hijama and after 3 years in Ruqya one of his student and a good friend introduced him to Hijama. Br Ehsan was fascinated by the diversity and immense power of this spiritual healing methodology. He never thought Hijama could bring in so many benefits. He pursued his Hijama Diploma very seriously and attained it with Higher Distinction. Ever since his focus has completely changed from Ruqya to Hijama Alhamdulillah. Now all of his ruqya clients are also being treated with Holistic Hijama Approach. He has successfully treated clients with varied ailments just by using Holistic Hijama Therapy, Prophetic Medicine & Ruqya Alhamdulillah.

His mission is to revive and establish the Sunnah of Hijama Cupping Therapy and promote natural health treatments. His vision is to open lots of Holistic Hijama Centres all across North America, inshaAllah, where people get cured for all kinds of illnesses using methods involving Holistic Hijama, Prophetic Medicine, Ruqya, Herbal medicine, Physiotherapy, Reflexology & Psychiatric treatment.

Umm Nat (Co-Founder & Partner) of Holistic Hijama Benefits is currently pursuing her Diploma as a Certified Hijama Practitioner, Holistic Therapy Practitioner. She has done her B.Sc and one year of M. Sc. Food & Nutrition were her major subjects. Her passion for Herbal Medicine & Traditional Islamic Medicine has been a driving force behind the growth and establishment of Ruqya Clinic & Holistic Hijama Benefits. She is strongly motivated to educate and empower women in all aspects of mind, body, and soul.

She is been involved in all sorts of Dawa activities since 2001. She has obtained a 3 year Alima Diploma from Institute of Islamic Sciences part of ICNA sisters group. She has done lots and lots of motivational workshops. She is been involved in teaching children, youth, and adults. She has delivered hundreds of Islamic lectures on Quran and Sunnah of the Prophet SAW. Her addition to the Hijama Team is Alhamdulillah a blessing.

Ehsan and Umm Nat & their team aim to provide an excellent service for their clients and the general public. They have a pioneering vision for their Hijama Project and hope to provide a platform for better health and wellness for all their clients and promote this Sunnah to the Non-Muslims as well. Their target is to have Hijama Cupping Therapy recognized and accepted within Governmental and Scientific circles and Insurance Companies.

Lets Revive Sunnah!
$75General Hijama


General Hijama $75

Massage Hijama $40 Onwards

Head Hijama $120 onwards

Lymphatic Detox $135

Knee Hijama $40/leg

**Much much more…..


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