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ENovember 5Reply
Sajeda JamalSeptember 2Reply
Definitely recommend this place. They are good people, very caring and honest. The benefits of Hijama and Rouqiyah are unbelievably good. I was at first a skeptic but I really benefitted from their service. A++++.
Shabana Ansari2020 February 8Reply
As-Salaam-Alaikum wrwb, I got Ruqya Treatment done with Br Ehsan and Hijama with Sister Naghma with amazing results. They are very professional and knowledgeable. The place is clean and friendly and they pay close attention to every detail. I would definitely recommend this place for Hijama and Ruqya Treatment
Shakeel A2020 February 8Reply
AOA, Br Ehsan is great at Ruqya and Hijama Treatment. He is very patient and listens to your concerns and queries and tries to answer them in the best possible manner. He takes his job very seriously and this clearly shows in the results of his treatment. 5 stars to him

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